Making a Difference

How exciting to know that the world is going through a great new awakening and we are right in the middle. The word of the Oneness of all that is, is alive and thriving everywhere. We are all a part of a great Consciousness that is the Source of everything and through our attachment to that same Conscious Energy, we are actively taking a direct part in the creation of everything everywhere.

Our understanding of Oneness is not new. The understanding goes back farther than recorded history. Today the realization of the magnificence of you and me is not only being recognized, but we are free to practice that understanding in whatever way we like.

Knowing about the Oneness is not enough, we need to live it and feel it as a great part of our being. We need to reach out and help those who don’t understand or who are locked into fear of tomorrow, of death, and of rejection to know their worth. I am not advocating we go on missions to evangelize and bring everyone into the fold? No, that has been tried with disastrous results.

To teach, we must be. We must reach out in kindness to everyone we come into contact with. We literally are that beggar on the street; we are the woman behind the burka; and, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we are the radical fundamentalists too.

Instinct has hard wired the fear of death so completely that it is hammered in place deep in our reptilian brain. Yet those who have had NDEs tell us is nothing more than awaking from a dream. The realization of our magnificent reality needs to be attached just as completely as our fear of death. We are the Loving Light we seek. Our job on Earth is to bring that Love, respect, and honor with you on your journey through life in whatever way is right for you.

What would happen if ISIS received a shipment of love wrapped in cookies or warm scarves knit just for them? And what would happen if we did that not just once, but over and over again?

Be the Love you are, lkr-esig_gif

Rudes Review

rudes review Interview with Lynn regarding her new book “Wonder of You . . .” host, Rene Rude of Rudes Review interviews Lynn

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Unity Centre of Nanaimo

uniityLynn will speak during our Sunday service. Her topic: “What’s This Life all about Anyway?”

LOCATION: Unity Centre of Nanaimo | 2325 East Wellington Road, Nanaimo, BC V9R 6V7 Canada


Simone Salmon Show

Simone SalmonTake a moment and check out Lynn’s interview on the Simone Salmon show, that she had on Monday, May 25, 2015. You can get your free copy of Lynn’s interview at the link provided

The Wonder of You: . . .

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The Wonder of You: What Near-Death Experiences Tell You About Yourself. This new book on near-death experiences offers readers insight to their own spiritual journey. After researching 2,500 cases of near-death experiences Lynn K. Russell shares the indepth understandings she has gained. Through her research she discovered deeply hidden messages about the world, life and the paths we all travel. During her research, Russell, uncovered marvelous messages she wanted share with others. She offers answers to the questions, “What is our reality and why do we exist?” The cases she analyzed offered information about the world, life, and the paths we are all traveling as individuals. Russell hopes her book will guide readers toward their own personal discoveries.



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“This is an extremely uplifting book on death! . . .”

“Lynn Russell has managed to take a well documented and complex subject . . .”

“Take my hand down the rabbit hole we go to WONDERland . . .”

“I’ve learned so much from this book. People fear death — the unknown . . .”