Oneness and You

Oneness and You


Many people talk about Oneness, yet the question remains, what is it? People talk about Oneness in one breath and in the next one make a statement that represents separation. That can’t be, it is one or the other, but not both.

Oneness literally means One. From that perspective it is our reality AS the Source. The instant anything is added to the number one, it is no longer one, and becomes a totally new number.

We literally are the Creator manifesting as separation.

If that is true, then how is it that we don’t feel it? Why can’t we just wave our hands and create magnificent miracles? Why do we have such a hard time acknowledging our beautiful reality and be the Loving Light all the time.

The world we have created is not exactly conducive for an ongoing feeling of connection to Oneness. Parents around the world still use spankings to discipline their children. There is the death penalty for those who break the law, and although that isn’t true in Canada, it is true in many countries of the world and it does affect us.

Some parts of the world have an ongoing dance with retaliation that’s gone on for centuries. Here children are taught to carry their parents’ animosity and pass it on like a treasured heirloom. Kahlil Gibran said, your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of life longing for itself. These children should be living their lives for themselves, not their parents.

And just in case you start to feel good about yourself, there are always endless commercials to let you know you don’t measure up. Their perpetual barrage of messages let us know that we need whiter teeth, thicker and longer hair and lashes. It is almost as though we need to ask forgiveness for having too much of this and not enough of that, or we just don’t cut it.

Advertisers, lie, cheat, and manipulate the truth to convince us that we need their product. There are organization called perception management. And their job is to create a mythical reality and then convince you that it is actually the truth. So, are these the same people who create Alternative Facts for Trump? They are very successful at what they do. They know more about us than we do, right down to the number of times we go to the toilet. This in turn provides an unstable ground for us to stand on and leaves us constantly questioning ourselves.

Another reason we have a hard time connecting to our Oneness is because our entertainment is filled with anger, aggression, and violence. In the 1950’s we had giant swamp monsters and aliens stomp across the big screen as girls screamed in delight. And Alfred Hitchcock realized that we loved being scared, at least vicariously. In the 1970’s there was a drastic shift in movies as more realistic violence showed a true representation of what happens to the human body in violent death.

And then we have our general society. When I was a girl and we would talk of the new advancements coming in the world, we envisioned a place where we would be free to enjoy life more. Instead our expectations of ourselves and others have gone wild. Now society expects us to live up to a very high standard in order to be accepted.

It’s no wonder we don’t feel Oneness

William Si on NDERF had died and was going through the tunnel and heading toward a light at the end. He tells us “I could sense spirits in the shadows. They couldn’t look into the light because their religious indoctrination taught them they were not worthy.”

Wow, as One with the Source, that’s so sad that they weren’t able to join with the glory of their own being.

One of my heroes, Michio Kaku, is a professor of physics at City University of New York (CUNY). He’s also into science-fiction and futurism. He says that if the universe had a rating from one to ten of how advanced the different planets in the universe were, we would be at zero. However, he also feels that we are going to be a one by the end of this century. Onward and upward.

People who’ve had near-death experiences are coming back with such amazing new understanding. They are forcing us to see the world, ourselves, and death in a completely new way. They are literally changing the world for the better.

A message from the guide of an NDEr tells us that although we have come a long way in our development, we aren’t quite fully baked yet. We are told that a major change is coming that will push us toward a higher level of evolution. Hmmm! Do you suppose we are presently right in the middle of those major changes?

A man quite angry at life, and people at the time of his death was told, “Look at the world, your loved ones, and yourself. This seeing is not for judgement or anger, it is a place to UN-learn separation.”

The Creator is Positive Loving Energy and that is you! You are Positive Loving Energy, you always have been and you always will be. There is nothing more, just Oneness, that’s all. We are now in a dream called “life”. Death is simply waking up from that illusion. We are Conscious Energy perpetually creating every moment of every second.

Some who have visited the other side do not completely get back to this dream. They return to a fitful sleep that just won’t let them completely return. Some of these people are able to get on with life knowing that they will return when the time is right. Others have a very hard time being back into a physical life and are just putting in time. They yearn to return.

But the reality is, we never left. We are right this moment there with the Loving Light. We are just sleeping and we don’t have to die to reconnect at any time we want.

As crazy as it may seem, this also includes the Taliban, ISIS, Boko Horan, and the Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad. Each individual involved in perpetuating the horrors being committed in the world is also a part of that same Source. At the human level we want to exclude people who bring pain on others and the world. But, like it or not, the fact that they exist means that they have an equal part in the whole.

This reality brings up questions of sin and evil and God’s role. That is the topic of another post in the future.