Oneness and You

Oneness and You

Lynn K. Russell

Many people talk about Oneness, but what is it? Given many comments I hear, it seems there’s confusion about what that means. Some say that Oneness means all races, religions, and nationalities are all one with each other. And while that’s true, that is not Oneness. People talk about Oneness in one breath and in the next one make a statement that represents separation. That can’t be, it is one or the other, but not both.

Oneness is deeper and literally means One. From that perspective it is our reality AS the Source. The instant anything, no matter what, is added to the number one, it is no longer one, and becomes a totally new number.

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How Amazing are You?

Lynn K. Russell

One by one, near-death experiences are changing the world. Each day hundreds of people are brought back from death with amazing stories to enlighten us. THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself, was written after a research of 2500 NDE cases and is filled with loving messages about our reality. We are far more beautiful and amazing than we have ever realized. Many people who came back from the other side of existence repeatedly that what we experience in the physical world is nothing more than a living dream, and when we die, we actually wake up. Continue Reading →

The Devil You Say

Author, Lynn K. Russell

The Devil found me when I was a child of nine. As a child one day I was in the kitchen listening to the radio that was perpetually on. The sounds of Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, and Frank Sinatra filled the room and offer a different world than today. As Bing Crosby finished his croon a man came on to talk about a great preacher who was coming to our city from far away. Although my family wasn’t religious my mother didn’t object when I asked if I could go to hear him. Continue Reading →

Spirit and You

Author, Lynn K. Russell

As seekers of spiritual truth, we have come to understand the reality of our being. How wonderful to know that we are spirit occupying a body. In that way we already are all that we ever wanted to be. Those who have had a near-death experience return to tell us of the beauty of their experience and we marvel at the magnificent messages that have been brought back. Continue Reading →

Making a Difference

How exciting to know that the world is going through a great new awakening and we are right in the middle. The word of the Oneness of all that is, is alive and thriving everywhere. We are all a part of a great Consciousness that is the Source of everything and through our attachment to that same Conscious Energy, we are actively taking a direct part in the creation of everything everywhere.

Our understanding of Oneness is not new. The understanding goes back farther than recorded history. Today the realization of the magnificence of you and me is not only being recognized, but we are free to practice that understanding in whatever way we like.

Knowing about the Oneness is not enough, we need to live it and feel it as a great part of our being. We need to reach out and help those who don’t understand or who are locked into fear of tomorrow, of death, and of rejection to know their worth. I am not advocating we go on missions to evangelize and bring everyone into the fold? No, that has been tried with disastrous results.

To teach, we must be. We must reach out in kindness to everyone we come into contact with. We literally are that beggar on the street; we are the woman behind the burka; and, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we are the radical fundamentalists too.

Instinct has hard wired the fear of death so completely that it is hammered in place deep in our reptilian brain. Yet those who have had NDEs tell us is nothing more than awaking from a dream. The realization of our magnificent reality needs to be attached just as completely as our fear of death. We are the Loving Light we seek. Our job on Earth is to bring that Love, respect, and honor with you on your journey through life in whatever way is right for you.

What would happen if ISIS received a shipment of love wrapped in cookies or warm scarves knit just for them? And what would happen if we did that not just once, but over and over again?

Be the Love you are, lkr-esig_gif

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I Want To Use You

shining light

Can we say not to God?—I did.

An enticing slice of sun shone though my window and tickled my longing to be out in it. I was at my desk busily writing a report on a family I’d recently closed. It had almost been a year since I’d joined the Family Therapy Program and I was becoming comfortable with my job. Still, according to Rob Tomlinson, I wasn’t there yet. “It’s not good enough to know this material in your head. It takes a good two years of working in the field to be able to think in families.” He was right, I wasn’t to the point of thinking in families; I wasn’t even sure what that meant until I’d been working in the field long enough to understand. In the meanwhile, Rod was there to offer his encouragement and support. When I was struggling with a family, I was comfortable going to him knowing he would willingly help me. “What does your tummy tell you?” he asked. “What are you feeling about the situation in your bones?”

After I explained what I thought, he encouraged me to listen to those feelings and follow what they were telling me. It was, he said, the best indicator of all. On this particular day, I hunched over my report and concentrated on what I was doing. Suddenly, I clearly heard a voice speak to me in my head. “I want to use you,” it told me. A flood of emotions smashed through me with a loud crash of chaotic jumble. I was alone in the office and immediately jumped up to open the door and make sure no one had spoken beyond that barrier. The hallway was empty and quiet. It appeared that most of my co-workers were off seeing their clients or working quietly in their offices. In truth, it hadn’t really been necessary to check the hall; I knew instantly where the voice had come from. Still, I didn’t want to acknowledge that reality.

Slowly I closed the door and returned to my seat while confusion, apprehension and unreasoned fear danced in my mind. I wanted to reject the whole thing. Alarm for my sanity rolled around in my thoughts. Then again, I thought, I was perfectly sane a moment before I heard the voice, so why would I think I had lost it in an instant. What do you want to use me for? I asked the voice…nothing. I want to know what you want me for, then I’ll decide if I’ll do it or not…nothing. I don’t want to be seen as weird or strange, I don’t want to end up like those people who stand on street corners praising the Lord…nothing. Why didn’t you choose a good born-again Christian? I don’t even know the bible…nothing For the next year I dug in various corners for answers…again nothing. Psychics couldn’t give me any ideas on what I was to do. Ministers and preachers wanted to pray for me and clear out the demons. Eventually I let it go and decided that it was just my imagination. Four years passed since I’d begun working. I loved every moment and every family. Yet there was just so much one person can accomplish alone and with three teenagers. I felt like I was stretched as far as I could go. At times it seemed I was hanging on to the side of the Grand Canyon by my fingernails. That was when I heard the voice one more.

Saturday afternoon brought a list of chores that needed to be done. Pick up some groceries, go to the cleaners and buy shoes for the kids. Gwen, now fourteen, her friend and I were enjoying a treat in a crowded doughnut shop. We’d been fortunate to find a seat as I watched people flowed in and out, in and out with eager anticipation of their coming pleasure. Gwen and her friend were giggling over some silly teenage thing when I heard that voice again. “I still want to use you, you know,” it clearly said. My instant reaction was one of surrender. “Okay,” I willingly thought, “but, I have nothing left to give.” “Don’t worry,” the voice returned, “I am preparing you now.” Then I had a flash of a man and money. I had no idea if the man owned the money or if the money was completely separate from him. And, I had no idea what role the man would play in the opera of my life.

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