Near-Death and You

The number one most asked questions of all time, dating back to the cave men is; what is life all about, and why? The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy tells us the answer is 42, but we seem to think there is more to it than that.

Persons who have returned from death are sharing an amazing new reality that is filled with great learning. And the astonishing thing is, we are each a part of that wondrous understanding. The information brought back are literally changing the world. No two near-death experiences are alike. They are as different as the individual having them because each person designs their own based on their beliefs.  Continue Reading →

Oneness and You

Oneness and You

Lynn K. Russell

Many people talk about Oneness, but what is it? Given many comments I hear, it seems there’s confusion about what that means. Some say that Oneness means all races, religions, and nationalities are all one with each other. And while that’s true, that is not Oneness. People talk about Oneness in one breath and in the next one make a statement that represents separation. That can’t be, it is one or the other, but not both.

Oneness is deeper and literally means One. From that perspective it is our reality AS the Source. The instant anything, no matter what, is added to the number one, it is no longer one, and becomes a totally new number.

We are the Creator manifesting as separation. Continue Reading →

How Amazing are You?

Lynn K. Russell

One by one, near-death experiences are changing the world. Each day hundreds of people are brought back from death with amazing stories to enlighten us. THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself, was written after a research of 2500 NDE cases and is filled with loving messages about our reality. We are far more beautiful and amazing than we have ever realized. Many people who came back from the other side of existence repeatedly that what we experience in the physical world is nothing more than a living dream, and when we die, we actually wake up. Continue Reading →

Near-Death and Beyond Workshop

Near-Death and Beyond Workshop

First Spiritualist Church Calgary

April 29th, 2017

Wrap yourself in a day of learning more than you imagined about near-death and the amazing spiritual lessons being brought back. See the experience from a fresh new viewpoint with deeper understanding. Gain a profound appreciation of your reality and what this life is all about.

Lynn has 20 years of facilitating workshops and has researched 2500 NDEs and brings her deep learning to you.

Where: First Spiritualist Church Calgary

1603 – 6th Ave NW

Call to reserve your place: (403) 283-1102

Time: 9:30 to Approximately 3:30 with one hour lunch

Cost: $85 (half will go to the Spiritualist Church)