How Amazing are You?

Lynn K. Russell

One by one, near-death experiences are changing the world. Each day hundreds of people are brought back from death with amazing stories to enlighten us. THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself, was written after a research of 2500 NDE cases and is filled with loving messages about our reality. We are far more beautiful and amazing than we have ever realized. Many people who came back from the other side of existence repeatedly that what we experience in the physical world is nothing more than a living dream, and when we die, we actually wake up.

Near-death is not a new phenomenon. Plato wrote about Er a man who died and returned to tell of his experience. Indeed, the messages being brought back are themselves also not new. They have been repeated by great spiritual leaders throughout history. Each person returns with a multitude of messages. There is no death, we simply leave our bodies and return home to an amazing Loving Light and magnificent places where the plants and water are alive and respond to us.

Now scientists are stepping into the arena with their personal accounts or acceptance that they are a real event. Quantum physics tells us what we think we know as reality is in fact an illusion. Through the study of particle physics, the operation of the brain, astrophysics, and NDEs we are discovering that a whole new spiritual way of seeing ourselves and the universe.

We are One. That is what we are hearing in many places, yet in the next breath we separate ourselves from each other and the Creator. One is always one and can never be more. Yet, when we talk about being One, so often there is an added, “and God…”. How can that be? Are we One, and…? No, no extras, no additions, There is only Oneness and we are it. We are Oneness, or spirit experiencing a physical existence.

You are beyond amazingly beautiful. You are the Loving Light we are being told about. That is our reality, plain and simple. Nothing more. And when we know that, it is our job to show it in our treatment of each other, nature, and our beautiful world we have created. Be the Love you are!

THE WONDER OF YOU: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You about Yourself is available through Amazon, Kindle, or several on-line vendors.

About lynnkrussell

As a child I was very fortunate to be raised in an atheist home because I was free to investigate spirituality with a clean slate. From childhood I have been interested in spirituality and around fifteen or sixteen I began studying the various world philosophies to find out what other people got from them. Who or what was God? And who was this Jesus guy? From that time I began a quest to answer my questions. Over the years I have studied the primary Eastern and Western religions and have come to understand how they developed into what they are today. About ten years ago I was researching a novel I wanted to write and in the process I went to NDERF (Near Death Experiences Research Foundation). I, like many people, was fascinated with the near-death phenomenon and twenty minutes later I was hooked. I became involved with their chat group and that was when Dr. Jeffery Long asked for a volunteer to do research for him. I was not doing anything and took on the task. Over the next couple of years I was able to research two thousand cases. When I had worked on a couple hundred cases I started to see hidden messages of and as I continued these messages became clearer. When the research was over I continued to study the cases and decided these messages were for everyone, thus my book, THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself. I respect and appreciate all the people who have had experiences and come back to talk about them. Without them we would not have the amazing new information being brought back. Although there are many book written by these people, each one can only talk about their own individual experience. THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself talks about a very wide range of experiences. It takes the reader through all the different aspects of the experience, explains them in detail and tries to put them together to a clear conclusion. The main thrust of The Wonder of You is to show the reader what magnificent creatures they are. Our world is made up of so much guilt. We have religious guilt that stems far back into history to the times of human sacrifices. We have parental guilt, as parents erroneously attempt to get their children to behave. This recognition is not to add more guilt to parents as they struggle with a very important responsibility. They were themselves raised this way as were their parents before them and so on. Then we have societal guilt that tells us how we should behave, how much we should make, the type of life we should live, on and on. THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near Death Experience Tell You About Yourself not only talks about how magnificent you are, it also shows how you play an active role through the choices you make here and as a spirit before you came into the physical existence. And finally, the book looks at a bit of science, although not a lot. I peek at how scientists are discovering a new paradigm for the universe. As Michael Talbot’s book, The Holographic Universe explains, it appears the universe is a hologram. This understanding has put everyone into a spin because it goes against all we know. If everything is a hologram where does that leave us? The conclusion is that we are CONSCIOUSNESS and it is the consciousness that is the spirit that enters the body and lives the life as a human. While there are still some physicists who argue this point, the concept is gaining main-stream acceptance. If we are One with the Loving Light NDErs talk about, then we are indeed amazing creatures. There are still a thousand questions. For every new understanding opens a door and ten questions come along with it. Human beings are curious creatures and we don’t rest until we have our answers. We will continue to ask, probe and study to find answers that will lead to new understanding and probably new questions.

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    | We your avid readers are still waiting for some genuine libertarian/conservative articles unpolluted by partisan backbiting and the insidious neo-Marxist, Big Goverment myths of the so-called neo-con movement which has co-opted and thus corrupted so much of the Republican intelligentsia. But Congrats. Looks like good numbers. How about a demographic breakdown by geographic location? Where in the world – and where in the USA – are your page viewers?