Spirit and You

Author, Lynn K. Russell

As seekers of spiritual truth, we have come to understand the reality of our being. How wonderful to know that we are spirit occupying a body. In that way we already are all that we ever wanted to be. Those who have had a near-death experience return to tell us of the beauty of their experience and we marvel at the magnificent messages that have been brought back.

However, it seems there is a gap in our understanding. Do we actually realize how deep this spiritual connection goes? Spirit is not something connected to us by a silver thread, nor is it floating just above our heads ready to guide us in the right direction. The soul that is you and me, the reality of our being is closer than the beating of our hearts and the breath of our lungs.We literally are spirit in every way possible. When we are born our soul enters our bodies and from that moment on it is completely enmeshed in every single part of us. It pumps the blood through our body, causes our lungs to operate automatically, and makes the double helix of our DNA perform without conscious effort on our part.

But there is more. Spirit is far greater. It IS US in every possible way.It walks down the street, eats, works, relates to others, and makes mistakes. And some of these mistakes are whoppers. From the moment we are born until we leave our bodies our spirit literally takes on every aspect of us. It takes on our personality and ego and claims them as its own.

I have often been asked about those who have created the more horrid acts. People want to know if criminals will have the same loving experience that good people have. Well, those misguided individuals are also spirit expressing itself in the physical. If that were not true, they would be dead. Spirit is the personality and ego of every being on earth, including the most evil that you can imagine, and their soul has completely taken on the personality and ego of those individuals.

Some of you may be ready to cry, “What is she saying? Spirit is good. It’s loving and kind and giving. It is One with the Creator. How can this woman say such things?” Perhaps if we look at things from another perspective, The second the spirit leaves a body, that person is dead. The personality or ego cannot take over and animate it. It was the spirit that kept that body going and when it goes there is nothing more. Therefore, if our soul makes our bodies operate and function then it stands to reason that it is the spirit that is expressing itself in the physical.

Furthermore, when a person dies and goes to the other side, they take the personality and ego with them. People who come back from death say they could see their body, the light didn’t hurt their eyes, and they were in a beautiful garden where they could touch things there. One man even talked about having a coffee with a relative. These people have taken their body, personality and all the aspects of their being with them to the other side.

Repeatedly, people who have returned after seeing or being with the light tell us that looking at the light didn’t hurt their eyes. Those who have had disabilities on earth, say their disability was completely cured when they were there. Of course that’s because they didn’t have a body. There were no eyes for the light to hurt, no legs to not walk, and no ears not to hear with. It is only later, when they realize they are actually spirit that they are able to let go of the person they were while here in the physical realm. Then the life they have just experienced becomes another one of the many lives they have lived.